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We are a law firm providing reliable, trusted and complete legal support to businesses. Commercial Agreements and Intellectual Property lie at the core of our expertise. While providing services of an uncompromised quality is of paramount importance to us, what sets us apart is that we care.

    • We care about our clients and their success
    • We care about the legal profession and as representatives of it strive to adhere to superlative standards and
    • Most importantly we care about our planet and fellow beings which is why we work relentlessly to realise our vision of a kinder and compassionate future.

At The DLC, we work towards the following objectives:

    • To provide the entire suite of legal services relating to business and commerce. Our success lies in the success of your business.
    • To contribute towards a kinder and compassionate future- towards this objective we actively seek clients engaged in sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free businesses.
    • To always act in our clients’ best interests – To ensure this, our work is regulated by the SRA and we therefore strive persistently to honour the SRA’s code of conduct.

Geeta is a dual-qualified legal professional qualified to practice in England and in India. An Intellectual Property and Commercial Contracts specialist she works with business owners (start-ups and established businesses alike). Whether it is something as straight-forward as helping a start-up understand essential business contracts that they need or negotiating a cross-border deal, no question is too small for Geeta. Her goal is to ensure that through the right legal solutions her clients feel confident and empowered to lead their business to success.