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Ethical Businesses

Supporting Ethical, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Businesses

The DLC vision is to provide legal solutions for a kinder and compassionate future. Towards this objective we:

    • Proactively seek to associate ourselves with ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free businesses;
    • Offer reduced fees to clients who own ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free businesses, and
    • Undertake philanthropic work to the best of our abilities.

Our services to all our clients are uniform in terms of attention and quality. However, when clients are ethical businesses, we work at a subsidised rate. This is our humble way of supporting and celebrating people and businesses who envision a compassionate world.

Our ‘We Love Ethical’ portfolio includes:

  • Drafting commercial and employment agreements for a London plant based fast-food manufacturer.
  • Assisting a vegan fashion brand on the licensing of their trade mark to an overseas manufacturer of travel kits.
  • Assisting a cross border investment deal with an Indian start-up that empowers people to make digital payments and makes credit facilities for gas and electricity in India easily accessible for the less fortunate.
  • Pro-bono work for animal rights organisations.
  • Drafted contracts for a CIC run by medical professionals to provide education and advocacy on wholefood plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Assisted a company that organises running challenges to promote health and movement fuelled by a plant-based diet.
  • Adopting Mayhew (an animal welfare charity) as our charity of the year.

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Our Personal Approach

At The DLC we go above and beyond what is expected from a traditional law firm. We are an approachable and personable team that works hard to meet the needs of our clients in order to help achieve their goals. When you work with us, we grow, we succeed and we progress together.


What do we mean by Ethical Businesses?

An ethical business is one that considers the impact its practices, products and services have on the environment, society and animals. They are already or are working towards becoming fully sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan. Ethical businesses are committed to minimising any negative impact their actions may have, while actively trying to make a positive impact.

How do we support ethical businesses?

We love working with businesses that are change-led. As a gesture of support, we provide a complimentary legal consultation and reduced legal fees to such businesses.

Why do we support ethical businesses?

We started The DLC with the intention of using our legal expertise to make a positive difference. To achieve this goal, we proactively work with likeminded business owners who recognise that the road to sustainable development relies on cohesive partnerships and supporting one another.

What are some of the examples of work done for ethical businesses?

We are over the moon to have been part of some amazing projects led by change-driven entrepreneurs. Examples of support provided to ethical businesses include:

  • Drawing up contracts for a vegan fast-food business, including an agreement for their collaboration with a famous chain of restaurants in London
  • Providing legal support on terms and policies and contracts relating to the launch of a plant-based lifestyle and healthcare platform by medical professionals in the UK
  • Drawing up contracts for a UK based platform creating awareness about ethical consumerism, sustainability and plant-based lifestyle
  • Providing legal support in terms of contracts to a UK based translation services company that is sustainable, paperless and has become carbon-positive by supporting responsible tree planting