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Employment Contracts

Employees Are The Core Of A Business

Do you, as an employer, want to ensure you are complying with employer related obligations? Or are you a new employee and have recently been issued an Employment Agreement?

A clear Employment Agreement should outline the particulars of employment, as well as an employer’s statutory obligations. The lack of clarity in an employer-employee relationship can leave you both vulnerable to potential disputes in the future.

At The DLC we can help draft/review the following employment related documents:

  • Employment Agreements/Freelance Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements (review on behalf of the employee)
  • Directors’ Service Agreements
  • Employee Stock Option Plan
  • Staff Handbook
  • Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Work from Home Policies
  • Post-Pandemic Return to Work Policies (industry specific)

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Our Personal Approach

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Do you offer a standard Employment Contract?

We offer a fixed-price Employment Agreement across full-time, part-time and zero-hour contract employees. Our draft is not aimed specifically at junior employees or senior management, but is comprehensive and inclusive of the (i) statement of employment particulars (ii) employee confidentiality obligations (iii) post restrictive covenants.

Can work commence without an Employment Contract?

While an employment contract need not be issued on the 1st day of work, an employer must give employees and workers a document stating the main conditions of employment. This is known as a written statement of employment particulars. As part of the written statement, information such as the employer’s name, the employee’s job title, renumeration, holiday entitlement, sick pay, working days and certain other information must be provided by day 1 of employment. A wider written statement must be provided within 2 months of the start of employment.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is issued by the employer to the employee upon termination, redundancy or settling employer/employee disputes. It is a legally binding contract which settles any claims that an employee may have against their employer.

Is an Independent Contractor Agreement the same as an Employment Agreement?

The answer is no! An Independent Contractor Agreement is an agreement to formalise an arrangement between a freelancer and a company/client. A freelancer is not on a company’s payroll and therefore not entitled to employee benefits.

Do you handle employment related disputes?

We do not handle any contentious matters, but are happy to refer you to someone who may be able to help.