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Commercial/Corporate Contracts

Robust Contracts Go A Long Way

Contracts are the backbone of a business. They set out the terms that govern your relationship with your clients, customers, suppliers, partners, affiliates etc. When you have worked hard to establish your business’ key relationships, you do not want them to collapse due to the lack of appropriate legal documentation.

Clear, concise and legally sound contracts give you certainty, protection and help mitigate legal and commercial risk. At The DLC we follow a belt and braces approach applied to the understanding that a robust and watertight agreement goes a long way, not only in protecting your business, but also adding value to it. We therefore invest ourselves personally in understanding your requirements, negotiating on your behalf and tailoring that perfect draft for you.

  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Investment Related Agreements (Share/Debenture Subscription Agreements)
  • Partnership and Founders’ Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Purchase and Supply Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Independent Contractor/Freelancer Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Data Sharing Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Assignment and Licenses
  • Collaboration Contracts
  • Social Media Management Services Agreements
  • Influencer Agreements

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Our Personal Approach

At The DLC we go above and beyond what is expected from a traditional law firm. We are an approachable and personable team that works hard to meet the needs of our clients in order to help achieve their goals. When you work with us, we grow, we succeed and we progress together.


I don’t know which agreement I need.

Not knowing which document(s) is perfectly normal, which is why we offer a free 15 minute consultation to help you navigate your businesses’ legal framework.

Are your contracts bespoke?

The answer is YES! We believe in understanding your business so that we can produce tailor-made drafts specific to your business. Should you wish, we can also provide a master template depending on the agreement you require, which you can then customise for future use.

How does it work?

Once you have decided to engage us:

  • we gather information via an information capture call or a questionnaire to be filled by you. This information helps us produce the draft required,
  • the draft is shared with you for feedback
  • up to 2 rounds of revisions are free
  • the final draft is shared with you
  • on acceptance of the final draft, the invoice is raised.
How much does it cost?

Our fees vary depending on whether we are carrying out a review or drafting a document. They are also dependent on the nature and complexity of the document(s). For a comprehensive guide to our prices*, refer to our fees page.


*although we do adhere to our fee guide, please note these are indicative and the actual fee will be stipulated on assessing the scope of work.