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Founder’s Note

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Hi there! Geeta here. Welcome to the DLC, a firm I started in January 2019 with the objective of combining my legal skill set with my passion for making a difference. Growing up in a family of business professionals and lawyers, it was only natural for me to follow suit. I attained a dual legal qualification (in England and Wales; India) and became a corporate lawyer.

A few years ago we found and adopted my dog Coco. She helped me realise there was much more I could use my legal knowledge for. Being an entrepreneur myself, helping my clients build success stories is extremely important to me. Before I knew it, alongside working on client matters, I started doing pro-bono work for animal rights organisations as well as offering support to ethical businesses at a reduced fee. This became the foundation on which I have been building the DLC: Legal Solutions for an Ethical Future.

The DLC was therefore born out of these very two aspirations:

    • To be trusted legal advisors to our clients for their businesses; and
    • To proactively provide legal support to ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable businesses.

With the above two principles as our cornerstone, we opened our doors in 2019 and we could not be happier about the fact that even in the short span of time since we started, we have worked on projects and with businesses that reflect what we stand for.

So far, we have assisted venture capitalists and investors on cross-border investments deals, advised software companies on their Intellectual Property Rights, helped companies comply with local, commercial and employment laws, and advised several businesses on confidentiality and data protection laws, all while providing legal support to ethical businesses such as plant-based food manufacturers and cruelty-free fashion and lifestyle brands.

This is only the beginning, we cannot wait to work with you, to be part of your bigger picture and to help you feel like a Rockstar when you think to yourself- “The legal side of my business? Aah I’ve got that covered!”