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Frequently Asked Questions

In what capacity will The DLC advise me?
The DLC advises all its clients in the capacity of a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom (the SRA). You can be rest assured that we comply with the code of conduct and standards set forth by the SRA, thereby always ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected at all times.
What can you expect from us?
In terms of quality of services we strive to the best of our abilities. SRA regulated practices are required to maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) covers at certain thresholds and to provide for a mechanism to lodge complaints for fraudulent practices to a legal ombudsman.
At The DLC you can complain to founder Geeta Daswani if you are not happy with our services. We would be more than happy to hear you out and further assist you – also rest assured you do not ever have to worry about fraud. Should you wish you are also entitled to submit a complaint to the Legal Ombusdman. We also maintain a PII cover as required by the SRA. In addition to Professional Indemnity Insurance we also have in place Public Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance and Employer Liability Insurance covers, details of which can be provided upon request.
What about 'privileged communication'?
As a client, you have an advantage of your communication with your solicitor being ‘privileged’, i.e. it cannot be disclosed or used as evidence in court proceedings. While this is true we would like to clarify that since The DLC does not undertake contentious matters and litigation such a situation may not arise.
What is The DLC fee structure?
Wherever possible we work on a fixed fee model wherein a quote of our professional fee will be given to you once we know the scope of work involved. We commence work only once you have confirmed you are happy with the professional fee quoted and have given us formal instructions to proceed.
Please note that our professional fee may be revised at our discretion and may vary depending on the nature, complexity and volume of work involved.
As a way of supporting compassionate, ethical and sustainable businesses our professional fee will be reduced for such businesses.
How can a client engage us?
Step 1: Consultation

As a first step you can contact us for a legal consultation. We offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Step 2: Proposal

Once we have determined your requirements, we will send you a proposal outlining the scope of work and our professional fee.

Step 3: Formal Engagement

Should the proposal be acceptable to you, we will ask you to formalise instructions by signing a letter of engagement and furnishing KYC documents.

Step 4: The Work

This is the phase where you sit back and relax while we work on the legals behind the scenes.

Step 5: Review

We share your completed work within the timeframe promised and are happy to answer any queries.

Step 6: Invoice

When you are happy with the deliverables we send over our invoice.

Does The DLC take upfront payment/money on account?

No, we don’t. Instead, we send you an invoice only upon completion of work. Our invoices are payable within 7 days of the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise.